Cleveland Transformer Station Exhibit – Becoming & Unspoken Conversations

The composition in this picture shows an awkwardness through body almost tells a story that a mother is trying to bond and talk to her daughter while she’s grown and they can’t relate to each other. The daughters body language is very to herself while the mothers is almost reaching out. The light adds almost a light angelic effect to the picture. The couch adds a background element that adds to the mood to the picture. The awkwardness draws my attention to the photo. The psychological impact of the photo makes you feel like you are watching two old friends that don’t talk anymore

This picture is one of my favorites because it’s the exact same composition and the background adds an element of inception to the photo. The pictures both show the upbringing of age and you can tell by her stance by how young and awkward she feels . But in the older folder you can tell she’s more comfortable and more mature and has a better idea of how to pose


Color Scheme

For my color scheme project for Photography II I draw my inspiration for graffiti and street art paired with portraits and landscapes for my Project. All of these wall art designs reside in Ohio City and Cleveland, Ohio.

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